Life-saving public health messages aren’t being heard, trusted, and adopted in the US today. The MIT Media Lab's mission is to build a 21st-century public health communications system that has the intelligence to navigate our fragmented media landscape.

Case on Behance

Art Direction

Studio: 360DESIGN
Creative Director: Iker Iza
Development: Joshua Beckerman
Role: Design Director

Our team was assigned to develop an information hub for the HealthPULSE project at the MIT Media Lab. The project featured two advanced AI listening models: one designed to monitor conversations across social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and another that gathered data from a wide range of broadcast media, including radio, podcasts, and television.

The project required a neutral perception due to the potential risks associated with a bad player having such advanced data insights. To achieve this, we employed visual storytelling through motion graphics and illustrations. Centering on the concept of truth, these visuals abstractly depicted the scope, fragmentation, and security of truth, effectively conveying complex ideas in an accessible manner.

To help users grasp the complexity of the data gathered from the AI models, we created data visualizations that delineate various segments of the digital landscape. These visualizations document the real divisiveness present in our conversations and illustrate how a single influential source can disseminate disinformation across vast networks.

The project continues today leveraging the data from its listening and analytic models to understand public health messaging within diverse, interest-based audience segments. This allows for a grassroots approach to connect with local communities and develop measures to combat disinformation.