Dog Aging

The Dog Aging Project is one of the largest citizen scientist research projects in the world. With over 50,000 dogs and their owners contributing data to increase the lifespan of all dogs and possibly their humans as well.

Case on Behance

Creative Direction

Studio: 360DESIGN
Project Manager: Thomas Riviello
Development: Joshua Beckerman
Role: Creative Director

Years after the initial website launch, The Dog Aging Project returned to initiate the second phase of their digital transformation. This phase marked a transition from a nascent research startup focused on engaging potential contributors, now evolved into a well-established and published scientific entity. With rigorously validated studies, they were ready to provide deeper insights into their research methodologies and findings, complemented by a new visual and digital approach.

In aligning with the academic founders of the project's school colors, the University of Washington and Texas A&M, we developed a canine-themed and chroma-centric visual language. Given the project’s specific focus on recruiting mixed-breed dogs and the constraints of an academic grant-funded initiative, sourcing suitable photography would prove to be costly. Instead, we opted to create tailored digital assets. This approach included developing monochromatic vector paintings and utilizing artificial intelligence for image inferencing, ensuring both aesthetic alignment and functional precision in our visual representations.

As part of The Dog Aging Project, participants were provided with DNA swab kits, a critical tool for gathering comprehensive genetic data. Upon returning the kits, participants received detailed reports about their dogs, including insights into breed mix, biome, and phenotype predictions. These reports also covered aspects such as coat color and personality traits, enhancing owners' understanding of their pets and contributing valuable data to the project's expansive research objectives.