Percona, a leader in open-source database software, support, and services, embarked on a significant project to migrate their extensive website from an outdated platform, setting the stage for a new website and brand identity. The goal was to enhance user experience and streamline content management beyond just updating the site’s visual elements.

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Creative Direction

Studio: 360DESIGN
Creative Direction (Percona In-House & Brand Design): Cindy Friedman
Development: Joshua Beckerman Graphic Design: RGB Studio
Role: Creative Director (Agency)

The primary challenge was smoothly migrating extensive content to a CMS platform capable of supporting high traffic and functionality without any downtime. The original site, with over fifteen products, had grown disjointed due to varied directions by each product team. This process started with a thorough content audit, organizing thousands of pages for editing and deep comparative analysis. The unification was visually emphasized through the brand’s apex logo and extension marks, employing color and blockchain-inspired design to articulate both unity and individuality.

Understanding that Percona’s main users, developers, are fast and goal-oriented, the previous site’s text-heavy approach was revamped. The introduction of over 50 bespoke static icons and more than 20 interactive motion icons, along with dynamic, colorful geometric backgrounds and overlapping layouts, enhanced the user interface, capturing attention and encouraging exploration.

Addressing a common software provider challenge, the team simplified the process for users to find the correct software version for their system. A clear tabular design on each product page presented detailed download information, while also offering a novel single-page approach which allowed users to access all versions for all products and operating systems in one place for single-click downloads.

The redesigned and re-coded site not only improved Percona’s SEO but also achieved a modern, on-brand appearance that supports long-term scalability. The updated content management system ensures rapid updates, helping Percona stay agile in a dynamic digital environment. This successful overhaul underscores Percona’s dedication to innovation in database solutions, reinforcing its position as a technology leader.