AirTerra, a groundbreaking newcomer in the shipping and logistics industry, introduces an innovative approach aimed at dismantling traditional supply chain barriers. This model equips small and mid-sized retailers with the tools needed to compete effectively in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. From its inception, we were entrusted with developing AirTerra's brand identity, graphic system, interactive website complete with a shipping calculator, and creating dynamic LED displays on Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

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Reimagining the Supply Chain of the FutureReimagining the Supply Chain of the Future

Design Direction

Studio: 360DESIGN
Creative Director: Iker Iza
Development: Joshua Beckerman
Role: Design Director

Our design strategy was inspired by AirTerra's key offering: point-to-point shipping and the simplification of logistics for small retailers. This principle not only shaped our approach to the brand identity and digital interfaces but also influenced the minutiae of UI elements. We adopted a minimalist aesthetic, utilizing simple lines to suggest movement and progress, emblematic of AirTerra's streamlined shipping processes.

To distinguish AirTerra in a market saturated with conventional logistics solutions, we developed a unique visual language. This language, characterized by abstract illustrations, simplifies complex logistics concepts into 3D geometric shapes. These shapes, representing boxes, trucks, packages, and planes, are versatile in their assembly, weaving together narratives about AirTerra's innovative services.

Within just six months of operation, AirTerra's impact was unmistakable. The company shipped over 6 million packages, shattering its initial annual goal of 1 million. This success led to our next challenge: designing 30-second animated advertisements for the iconic LED billboards in Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip. Leveraging the abstract illustrations from AirTerra's website, we crafted a 3D animation for a three-story tall display in Times Square, vividly showcasing AirTerra's offerings in an engaging and memorable way.

The AirTerra project showcases the impact of strategic design on business growth. By developing a distinct brand identity and engaging digital solutions, we contributed to enhancing AirTerra's visibility and market appeal. The acquisition of AirTerra by a larger company shortly after our Times Square campaign serves as a subtle indicator of the project’s success and the value it created in the competitive landscape. This achievement reflects the collective effort and strategic vision behind AirTerra's rise, underscoring our role in supporting its journey.