Leading brand design and product design for the first innovative concept to revolutionize the future of mobility. By leveraging digital properties and overall design systems to create excitement over the core vision of HyperloopTT, the company is able to recruit one of the largest contributor workforces in history.

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Product Design

Studio: HyperloopTT Labs
Head of Labs: Cristian Santibanez
Contributor Designer: Hyeji Yang
Role: Product Designer

HyperloopTT brings airplane speeds to ground level safely, with passengers and cargo capsules hovering through low-pressure tubes between cities, transforming travel time from hours to minutes. The challenge is to design the brand, digital properties, and tools to effectively communicate an engineering concept that must captivate the publics' attention in order to generate the momentum needed for the project's realization.

The brand design's visual language is inspired by the levitation gap between the HyperloopTT capsule and its track. This idea is first embodied in the logo, where the crossbars of the two T's appear to float, and it extends throughout the entire design system. This bold yet simple approach, coupled with a muted color palette, ensures that HyperloopTT assets are instantly recognizable across all communication channels.

HyperloopTT's vision extends beyond high-speed travel to encompass the entire Future of Mobility. They continuously examine existing systems, asking their network of highly skilled contributors how each experience, no matter how small, can be improved to become more sustainable and people-focused. One of the first products born from this innovative approach is SafeTrip, an all-in-one ticketing, digital ID, and contact tracing app. Designed for the HyperloopTT system, SafeTrip integrates seamlessly with other modes of travel.

HyperloopTT is experiencing rapid growth due to its crowd-powered methodology, uniting skilled innovators from around the globe. Central to maintaining this momentum is Lucy, an internal team management and time reporting platform. Lucy enables contributors to track their efforts and allows Hyperleaders to manage contracts, analyze progress, and onboard new talent efficiently. The success of Lucy internally, has caught the eye of other innovation projects setting Lucy on the path to a white label product with even more features and capabilities with the goal of igniting a new Future of Work.